1. CHARISMA Diagnostic 
  2. CHARISMA code development on the basis of these possible topics: we look if you already embody some of this topics and where you need guidance
  3. How to INTEGRATE CHARISMA in your personality 
List of possible topics
  • Self - awareness 
  • Getting access to your own consious and uncouncious processes
  • Warm appereance
  • Competence in "human skills"
  • Relaxed , kind powerfull and open body language 
  • Transparency 
  • Socialize where in your element
  • Active listening
  • Self -control
  • Being humble
  • Maintain good eye contact 
  • Authentic and real approach
  • Being fully present
  • Competence in your personal clothing style 
  • Being approachable
  • Highly empathetic
  • BeingTrustable